Hello beautiful people,

I am Aurea and I'm super happy that you found me.

If you are wondering whether or not you are in the right place; let me just say that you are in the perfect place, if:

You need a safe, supportive and non-judgment environment to release your emotions and move beyond what is holding you hostage.

You know in the deepest part of your soul that heart disease does not have to be a life sentence and you know that you can control this disease and not let it control you.

You want to be free from the symptoms of this disease. You no longer want to struggle with high blood pressure, high cholesterol,  being overweight, not having enough energy to do the things you enjoy and possibly depression.

You want to leave behind the emotions of self-doubt, resentment, guilt, criticism, hurt, anger, frustration and fear.         

You want to feel in control of your destiny and create a life full of happiness, enthusiasm, confidence, self-worth and self-love.

I hope you're still with me.

The reason I am passionate about health and why I have made it my mission to help out as many women and men as I can is because I have personal experience of living with a family who suffers from heart disease. My parents and other family members have heart disease. I have watched them suffer with this disease and I want something different for myself and for you.

My mother suffered two heart attacks by age 55, had triple bypass surgery at age 62 and the day before turning age 66, she suffered a paralyzing stroke. (She is one tough cookie.) My father also suffered a stroke and he passed away at age 67.    

So, although I do not suffer from heart disease (phew!), I was diagnosed with something that may be considered worse... Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) back in 2007.  It was discovered that my kidneys were not functioning normally. I didn't understand this because I thought I was healthy. I ate a healthy diet, worked out regularly and kept my stress level low. Over the course of 6 years, I have had two ultrasounds on my kidneys and nothing abnormal appeared on the results...this just made me question this diagnosis even further. The one thing I was certain of, is I was not going to be a victim to this disease nor was I going to give it any energy. I was not going to be any less than whole.

Fast forward to 2016, I came upon some research that revealed that the emotion "FEAR" settles in the kidneys. This was very interesting information to me. So I decided to re-visit my past which I rarely do, but I felt this was a compelling enough reason to look back. When I did reflect back on the year 2007 (holy cow), I had quite a bit to be fearful of. My identity had changed big time... I had divorced my husband of eighteen years. I was a single mother of two teenagers. I was a one income household. I had a part-time job making only 25k a year. I was scared, hurt, sad, alone and full of fear.

Fast forward a little bit more to 2017, I am now living my passion and my dream of helping men and women achieve their health goals, realize their potential, feel in control of their lives, shed the fear and love themselves and their bodies. I now realize that my body was trying to get my attention. It was prompting me to let go of the fear. By letting go of the fear, I was able to reclaim my strength and my voice and share my story with you. By letting go of the fear, my kidneys are back to normal function. To me....that's just short of a miracle. I feel very blessed and overjoyed with this healing.

I share my personal story because I hope to empower those of you who may be struggling with their health and I want to encourage you to listen to that inner voice and to never give up hope. I also want you to know that whatever you are struggling with, I would be honored to support you. It's a privilege to have full use of our bodies. So if you know it in your heart, feel it deep down inside your soul and are ready to own it, I encourage you to push through the fear and let's do this darn thing together. 

Let’s begin your journey towards a healthy heart and a healthy you!

(If you no longer want to sit on the sidelines and watch life pass you by, I encourage you to click the "I'm Ready" button below and begin your healing and journey today.)

Funny Facts About Me:

HCI Certification.jpg

I held the titles of Miss Fort Fairfield and Maine Potato Queen in 1983.  Ha-ha potato!

I love R&B Music

I make delicious apple, pecan and blueberry/blackberry pies.