We fear the thing we want the most
— Robert Anthony

Hello! I’m Aurea (A-ray-a sunshine.)

I am a transformational life coach. I'm super happy that you've found me. I hope I'm able to support you so that you can shine and be the difference that you wish to see in the world.

You see, I believe that if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open to new beliefs and ideas, it allows us to benefit hugely from what lies deep within. I'm always searching for new ways and looking for the deeper truth and my authentic self. Once I allowed myself to be open to different perspectives and stopped judging situations or people based on past experiences, I was amazed at how my life shifted. I no longer felt stuck. My life became so much more fulfilling and purposeful.

After being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease over 10 years ago, I decided to fight back with love. Being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease really made me get curious about how the heck this could happen. I was at a total loss because beginning in my late twenties, I was always very conscious about my health. I worked out regularly and I ate healthy. Seriously, I just really didn’t know how this happened to me. Have you ever questioned why me? One thing I was certain of was, I wasn't going to be a victim. I witnessed firsthand what happens when you take a diagnosis and let that become your story. No thank you. Not for me. Instead, I knew this was an opportunity to discover the better or best version of who I was meant to be.

I continued to live my life as if I was completely healthy. I never used this diagnosis as an excuse because, really, I felt awesome most days. The only days I didn't feel great, was when I ate crappy or if I drank a bit too much (you know, sometimes you gotta get your party on).

So, approximately four years after my diagnosis, I really wanted an answer to how and why my kidneys were not functioning normally. In my research, all I ever found were these articles that I could not make any sense of. And according to the all accurate internet (insert sarcasm here), I would die long before I lived. Oh yay! Well, at the advice of my husband, I stopped looking at the darn internet.

So I stopped that part of my research because that was just leading me down the road to death and I definitely was not ready to die. I was ready to continue living and ready to heal. Now I had read a study that said every part of the body regenerates every so often, so I held out hope that my kidneys would regenerate. Hope is all I had. I also had two beautiful children and a loving husband whose lives I still wanted to be a part of. They are my WHY.



As part of my journey of self-discovery and healing, I discovered that my story inspired others to have hope. And, if I'm able to touch just one life then it’s worth telling my story. I learned that choosing love and faith over fear, I was able to slowly heal my body. But here is what else I discovered that blew my mind…FEAR resides in the kidneys. So, as part of my healing, I had to release a lot of fear. Fear of not being enough, not being worthy, not being deserving, not being beautiful, not being loved. You name it, I feared it. Damn, my middle name could've been FEAR. And as a bonus, judgment, shame and blame tag along for the ride.


This process took me many years to complete and I’m still not done. Self-discovery and healing is on-going. I wish I could have had a coach back then who could've short cut the process for me. Well, that’s what I’d love to do for you. I can help you work through the fear. I can help you  uncover what is stopping you or slowing you down from living your life's purpose. I can help you realize your self-worth. I can teach you to love yourself. I can help you reframe your limiting beliefs so that you can experience pure bliss and love.

So what’s on your wish list? Greater abundance, a healthier body, higher self-esteem, a more loving relationship, a clearer mind and increased energy, less stress and more ease, a deeper sense of purpose. It’s all possible and it’s time to step into it.


When you decide to invest in yourself and trust the process, your life is going to expand in ways you never thought were possible. Just a few of the benefits and experiences you will have.

·       You will feel fearless and confident

·       You will feel beautiful and alive

·       You will feel worthy and loved

·       You will realize what an amazing spiritual being you are

If you sit quietly with your thoughts (your intuition), your dreams, your desires, your needs, your life’s purpose will begin to be revealed to you. How amazing does it feel to imagine the possibilities?