5 Tips for Creating Work-Life Balance


Tip #1 – Work on Being Productive

Do you ever find yourself trying to multi-task? You probably even pride yourself on being the best multi-tasker ever. The truth is our brains are not made to multi-task.  You’d be better off doing one thing at a time and doing it your best. I like practicing 90-minute jam sessions. This is where I take one task, and one task only, and perform it for 90 minutes. That means putting down your smart phone and closing all those opened windows/tabs on your computer. Did you know that the average person is distracted every 3 minutes and takes 11 minutes to get re-focused. If 90 minutes feels like too much, start with a lower number and work your way up to 90 minutes. You’ll be surprised at how much more productive you can be.

Tip #2 – Know your Limits

If you truly want to be a go getter then you’ll need to learn to set limits. There is nothing like stretching ourselves so thin and suffering through situations because we simply do not know our limits nor do we set limits. If you’re going to enjoy work-life balance, you’ll need to set limits. Arrive at the office at a set time and leave at a set time. Of course, you will need to be flexible in some circumstances. There’s no need to finish all of your work in one day. There will always be more work tomorrow.

Tip #3 – Learn to Say “No”

This is a big one. Most people don’t like saying no for fear of disappointing others or for some other belief. This one is closely related to Tip #2. All of us face demands and obligations in our lives and saying no to those things that are not a priority should be graciously answered with no. There will always be pressure from others, so it’s very important to learn to say no to those things that are not in alignment with your priorities.

Tip #4 – Scale Down your Life

All of us are creatures of habit and we get used to doing things a certain way. Most of us don’t normally assess what we do on a daily basis and whether or not there may be an easier way to do things. Is it possible to cut some steps, do things more efficiently, or better yet, get rid of some things?

Tip #5 – Self Care

This is one of the most important tips of all and typically the one that gets ignored or pushed off to the side. In order to create balance, it’s important to be grounded…that includes, getting enough sleep, exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy as possible. Working on habits in these three areas will make a huge impact in your life for the short and the long term.

Last Note

It’s very important to realize that you can’t make a lot of changes at once or do a complete turnaround. You would only be setting yourself up for failure. Pick one action at a time and take small steps towards the bigger goal. Be consistent and a go getter and before you know it, you will have mastered a new habit and it will become second nature. More importantly, you will be on your way to balancing work and life.