Get ready for more time by balancing work and life.


I create peace in chaotic work environments

Aurea Bishiop

As a peak performance work partner, I support professionals struggling with work-life balance and work performance issues. I'll help you discover your truth and live in alignment with what truly brings you happiness. I'll introduce you to new habits and ways to communicate effectively. Your end result will be a happier you, happier staff, happier clients and bigger profits. More importantly, you'll have more time for creating connections and developing meaningful relationships.


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Do you struggle with work-life balance? Are you satisfied with your work performance? Do you feel overwhelmed by your every day tasks? Do you have enough time for the things you enjoy? Is it hard to find joy in the mundane?  

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What Is a Peak Performance Work Partner?

I can help you perform at your highest potential so you can experience life on a different level. Why live with mediocrity when you can live with excellence? The clock is ticking so why not spend it being your best.

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My Blissful 50s

Read and listen to videos about the ups, the downs and all of the in-betweens of having a blissful mid-life experience. Connect with like-minded individuals who want to lead a life filled with expanding one's beliefs surrounded by positivity, acceptance and love. Here you can discover ways to make your life easier and free flowing.

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When life becomes overwhelming, it's time to look within for peaceful balance. 


There is no such thing as work-life balance. It is all life - the balance has to be within you.

โ€” Sadhguru

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Here is what a having a peak performance work partner has done for some and can do for you.