We fear the thing we want the most
— Robert Anthony

Hello! I’m Aurea (Ah-ray-a sunshine.)

If you're ready to take action, then I can help.  My name is Aurea Bishop, and I'm a peak performance work partner or some call me a life coach. I can support you in balancing your work and life. Although balance can never truly be attained because everything is constantly changing, tools and habits can help with balancing all areas of your life. Balancing is about setting priorities and boundaries in our lives. Most people struggle with trying to please others before they do what pleases themselves. I can help you find deeper meaning and understanding through mindset shifts and different perspectives. I can also help you transform from "victim" to "creator" of your life. I can support you so that you can attain your goals and follow your dreams.

I would love to provide you with a plan, support, and accountability so that you can experience more fulfillment from your job, respect from your co-workers and staff, meaningful connections and relationships, better sleep, inner peace, and, more time to do the things you want to do.

I'm very passionate about helping professionals who feel stuck without an avenue to create, grow and expand. I'm not the type of coach who will tell you what you want to hear.  I am, however, the type of coach who will tell you what you need to hear. I believe in taking you out of your comfort zone and challenging you so you can experience life at your highest potential. So, if you want to exceed your own expectations, then let's definitely have a conversation.