Aurea really listens to your wants and needs.  Her coaching style helps you identify your challenges.  She provides coaching and resources to help you gain the tools to maintain your goals.  This is not just about weight loss. It's about changing your thought process and behavior so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kali ~ San Pedro, CA


I've had a lower back issue now for six months. Thanks to Aurea, she has shown me some new stretches and also reminded me of some old stretches. She also showed me how to roll on a tennis ball to get knots out of my muscles. In addition, the essential oils that she gave me for my back was shockingly effective. At first I didn't think it did anything. I couldn't feel anything. It's not like muscle rubs. After everything combined. I woke up the next morning feeling better than I have felt in six months! Now it's up to me to stay consistent with them. With the help of my life coach, I'm sure I'll be able to stick with it. Having someone to be accountable to makes a world of difference. She's already helped me lose weight. She keeps me constantly aware of my goals and how to obtain them! Thanks to Aurea I know my future is bright!

Charlie ~ Las Vegas, NV


Aurea is AMAZING!!!! She is a great listener, advisor, and motivator! I reached several of my goals with her help and am ready to conquer new ones!!! 

Sarita ~ Honolulu, HI


I've known Aurea for most of my life.  When she decided to become a life/health coach, I started to think about my own mortality. I made the decision to make changes in my life for the better.  With her help and guidance, I've been able to lose almost 40 pounds in 3 months, most of my body aches are easing and I feel like a new man.

If you're in your fifties like me, maybe she can guide you into a new you, as well. I have nothing but love and praise for my good friend's help and I would recommend her services to ANYONE!!!

Thank you Aurea from the bottom of my heart.

Bob ~ San Diego, CA