We fear the thing we want the most
— Robert Anthony

Hello! I’m Aurea (Ah-ray-ah sunshine.)

Hello beautiful people, I'm a life balancing expert. My calling is to help others enjoy the best half of their life with grace and ease. I can help transform you from a passive bystander to an active creator of your life by expanding your beliefs and helping you set priorities and boundaries. With extensive experience in Health & Life Coaching, and a vast history of client success, my individualized approach will help you attain your goals. I enjoy guiding 50+ sophisticated women into balancing their lives, reaching their goals, having optimal health and transforming their lifestyle. Although creating balance can sometimes feel unattainable, I’ll provide you with tools, tips and habits that can help with balancing all areas of your life. Balancing is about setting priorities, expanding your mindset and creating boundaries in your life. So many women struggle with constantly pleasing others before they do what satisfies them. I did this for many years to the detriment of my own health. I ultimately was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease over ten years ago, and this diagnosis is what began my journey and the one that I'd love to share with you. You see, I was forced to change my ways. Since then, I've found balance and healed myself. I can also help you find balance and healing through mindset shifts, new perspectives, tools and habit change. I would love to help you transform from a passive bystander to an active creator of your life. I can share with you how you can go from feeling broken and out of balance to experiencing balance, and more importantly, healing.

Sometimes, we're resistant to change because we simply do not like change. But wouldn't you rather choose change before change chooses you? Living out of balance can lead to health issues or disease, failing relationships, depression, stress, mindless wandering or unhappiness with your career or other areas of your life. All of these can diminish your balance and bliss. If you're curious about the symptoms you're experiencing or certain diseases, I invite you to sign up for your FREE PDF below on "How Unresolved Emotions Can Manifest in the Body".

I'd love to provide you with a plan, support, and accountability so that you can begin experiencing balance and bliss.

I'm genuinely passionate about helping 50+ women who feel stuck without an avenue to create, grow and expand. I'm the type of coach who'll gently stretch and challenge you. I'll graciously tell you what you need to hear. I believe in taking you out of your comfort zone so that you can create new experiences and live to your highest potential. So, if you want to exceed your own expectations, then let's definitely have a conversation.