We fear the thing we want the most
— Robert Anthony


— Professional and certified health and life coach. 

Many years ago, I started my journey of self-discovery and healing. I was so amazed by how my journey changed me that I wanted to do the same for others, and I became a Certified Life and Health Coach. I soon learned that helping others, particularly women, fuelled my soul and became my life’s purpose.  I also discovered that I was able to empower and help women transform their lives.  

I’m in my early 50’s, and I’d appreciate the opportunity to share my system with you, provide you support, and accountability; all the things that will create a magical transformation. Imagine, just for a moment, enjoying the many benefits of a life designed for you which includes optimal health, increased energy, weight loss, joy, better sleep, inner peace, self-love and confidence. 

I'm very passionate about helping women like you who are frozen in fear but have decided that enough is enough and now you’re ready to step through the fear and begin living the life you deserve. You see, I was once right where you’re at. So much so, that more than 8 years ago, fear had affected my kidneys and I was diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease. Being at a very fragile, yet desperate time in my life, I knew something needed to change, and that’s when I made the most loving decision I could make for myself … to walk through my fear and begin a journey of self-healing and self-love. 

I decided to fight fear with self-love (the most important type of love). And you can do the same!